I can not stay silent any longer. After more than 7 years working as an education assistant in the public school system I must speak up.

I can no longer watch day in and day out as children, who so desperately need and deserve our help at schools, don’t receive it.

Big changes are needed to fix this broken system of public education, created by past governments, changes many
parents and the general public may not know are even needed.
I am convinced that if parents really knew what was going on in our schools today, they would stand up and fight
for a better and safer education for not only their children, but for all children.

I want to be the voice that shares the realities of what is going on in schools today and to be involved in coming up with solutions.
No sugar coating here. Children are our future.
It is time for me to stand up and fight for what I believe in, a better and safer education for All children.

I, Pascale Shaw, am running for school board trustee.


I live in Maple Ridge with my husband and two school aged children. Our son recently graduated from high school and our daughter currently attends high school. Both children have done well and are classic examples of how some children still get through, in spite of the many changes that are needed.

My husband has been extremely supportive of my decision to run for school board trustee. I frequently come home after work exhausted, frustrated and sad at the state of our public educations system. Due to privacy issues, I am often not able to tell him exactly WHY I am crying, however, he is always ready and willing to give me his shoulder to cry on.  One day this spring he finally said “you have to give this a try”, perhaps because he was running out of dry t-shirts. Whatever the reason, I am very grateful for my family and their support as I throw my hat into the ring as a candidate for school board trustee.

I spent the first 25 years of my working life in a 100 year old family shoe business.   After I had children, I realized I really enjoyed working with them and took the ECE and SETA programs locally at Ridge Meadows College. Until last week, I was an education assistant at an elementary school in Maple Ridge. I have been an EA for more than 7 years and have now taken a leave of absence to run for school board trustee. Should I be elected, I will be required to resign from my position as an EA as one cannot work for the same school district as for which you are a trustee.