I want to be the voice that shares the realities of what is going on in schools today and to be involved in coming up with solutions.

If elected, these are my priorities:


Safety of Students and Staff First

The frequency and intensity of injuries that occur toward not only teachers, education assistants and other school staff, but also toward fellow students, is unacceptable. All students and staff have the right to be safe at school.

  • Advocate for a review of the growing number and intensity of injuries to staff and students caused by students
  • Advocate to identify the number of reported unsafe working conditions
  • Request a review of our schools codes of conduct and our district ”Safe at School policies”


Students Academic Success

No child, that is struggling academically, should have to “qualify” to receive help. If a child is not meeting grade level expectations, additional supports should automatically be launched. Left without help, the gap between a child’s actual learning level and grade level expectations widens to the point where they are overwhelmed and discouraged and may decide to drop out of school.

  • Advocate for a system of identifying students not meeting expectations and putting into place support to change the outcome
  • Advocating for a policy of “records before students”, ensuring we are prepared with all the supports in place, prior to the arrival of a student from a different school or district


Early Student Support and Identification

The earlier we identify the needs of our youngest students, the sooner we can implement supports to ensure their success.

  • Advocate for early learning programs such as “Strong Start”
  • Advocate for early identification and implementation of kindergarten student supports
  • Encourage a determination of the actual cost to provide early learning support in our district


Inclusion and Students with Special Needs

The B.C school Act says all children have a right to attend school however, if just ONE child goes without the help and support they need and deserve, EVERY SINGLE CHILD in the classroom is directly affected.

  • Advocate for the creation of spaces for children who require an environment different from the classroom to be successful.
  • Advocate for both an increase in the number of support teachers and a reduction in their case loads
  • Advocate for more educational assistants, psychologists and mental health supports in school
  • Advocate for a review of the current allocation of existing funds to Student Support Services
  • Advocate for a provincial review of the funding formula used to calculate funding for students with special needs