I have lived in Maple Ridge for most of my life and have benefited from so many organizations which rely on volunteers for them to continue. I am grateful for those who chose to donate their time.


I have been a volunteer in many of the activities and organizations my children have been involved in over the years, some of which include:

  • Summer camps
  • Sunday school
  • Elementary school classroom helper
  • PAC member- Elementary and high school
  • School DPAC representative for 2 years – As available
  • 4-H leader in a local llama and poultry club


I was heavily involved in the almost two year “Save the Maple Ridge School Bus” campaign, where we successfully brought back the cancelled school buses and as a result the government changed the way it funds school boards for transportation.


Recently I have been helping some of our 4-H poultry members, who want to learn more about agriculture, advocate for backyard chickens, by assisting them in hosting backyard chicken events around Maple Ridge.


I must volunteer for many organizations as my daughter recently said ” Mom, why do you have to volunteer for everything we participate in”?


Hopefully one day she will understand that many of these activities could not continue without the time and commitment of so many volunteers.